We welcome you to book a well-appointed meeting & conference rooms, exclusively for your use. We have Ideal and versatile rooms for meetings, training courses, private dinners, weddings and banquets, which are all fully equipped to your requirement.

Meetings & Conferences

Find convenient, professional space to meet wherever you need. With a view to organize conferences, seminars and business meetings, many hotels in Tanzania have prepared modern conference facilities with professional audio-visual equipment, to provide the best professional outlook to your meetings.

Creating an atmosphere that engage your audience, we have that ability. We offer first class conference and meeting set ups with all the necessary equipment and facilities which is required to call your conference or any other event a success. If your gatherings are on the small side we’ve got you covered with intimate conference space. And if you’re holding an auction, trade or fashion show, big awards ceremony or a huge annual conference, then we’ve also got everything you’re going to need.

We like to arrange such meetings and conferences that tells a story, as well as support your teams in developing a perfect key to make your meeting a great success. Surprise them with great service and hospitality. We are enthusiastic for creating your events successful.

The meeting rooms are facilitated by:

  • High speed internet and Wi-Fi included
  • Phone equipment
  • Audio-visual equipment
  •  Organizing furniture and equipment as you need
  •  Pay by the hour so you
  •  Professional staff to help set-up the equipment
  •  Boards, flipcharts, markers and other stationary available as needed

Join your hands with us for meetings and conferences that can be arranged at venues both locally and internationally and the most competitive rates, which include the following services will ensure your private or corporate event passes without a hitch:

Meeting and conference room equipment hire

Catering – wide range of international menus to choose from or individually.

And many other services.


Occasions like office anniversaries, annual dinners and reunions call for a special set-up which can last a memory for everyone around. From experiences at sea to state stop structures, these occasion areas improve your look for something new, something paramount and something within your pocket.

Equipped with modern technology and attended by dedicated staff, a personal or corporate function. We’re excited to be able to offer a vast array of venues that lend themselves perfectly to a variety of occasions. A private party, a community celebration or remembrance, a corporate party, professional getaway or any other reason to stay or meet.

Our mission is to fulfil all your needs, whether you require an awards dinner, exhibition, a recognition event, we provide set ups of all shapes and sizes that are designed to engage your audience through live experiences. Enjoy incredible dining options whether your event calls for traditional sit-down service or a more relaxed atmosphere. We’ll help you to find the perfect venue destinations around.

Workshops & Team Building Activities

Teamwork is the essential element in increasing the productivity an organization. Having higher level of team work helps the companies in achieving the goals. The efficiency which a good team brings in, is necessary for the companies to run. With workshops and team building activities, the clients experience productivity improvement with the teams and individuals, and quickly achieve the organizational goals.

Many at times, employees tend to work in silos and disconnected employees result in chaos and politics in the organization. The team training and building activities are important to create a positive work environment in the organization. The team building activities can be among the existing team or the project teams. These workshops results help to establish a working cohesion among the employees. The workshops are based on activities which help the employees to understand other employees, their behavior, their strengths and weaknesses and to build a safe interaction.

Communication is essential while working in closed groups and hence, providing them opportunities to connect other than the work times is an added benefit to the company.

The activities also explore other ways of enhancing the personalities of the individuals in the company. How to capitalize forward on the skills of every individual member and to team up the employees strategically.

Workshops and team building activities acts as ice breakers in the company and help the employees to know the strengths and weaknesses of their colleagues. This in turn improve the performance of the teams and company.

Natures cradle arranges the workshops and team building activities for the employees according to your needs. These activities can be fun to increase the communication and lovability among the organization or professional off job trainings for the employees.

Natures cradle arranges the workshops and team building activities for the employees according to your needs.

Retreats and Incentive Programs

Keeping the employee motivated is the key to successful business. The plan is to keep the employee motivated, engaged and productive throughout. A latest way of employee motivation is to provide them with retreats and getaways. These getaways work as a great incentive and help them distract from their regular worrisome environment.

Travel packages is a great way of providing a treat to the employees on achievement of goal or to provide a positive outlook to the company. Keeping the employees happy is one important task as it builds a positive energy in the company and to revitalize them to work harder. A happy employee will always keep the customers happy. These retreats boost the morale of the employee and have them work harder to achieve more.

Creating a travel incentive or retreat program for the top management, the top performers of the company or the sales or distribution partners will always bring the company benefits in the future.

When the employee comes back from a retreat vacation, he is fresh and work much more productively. Natures Cradle works on creating retreat packages for your employees to help you keep them happy. We tend to make every travel itinerary special for you. Keeping in mind your budget, your goals, and the type of employees or clients you’re planning the retreat for, we design the packages according to your needs.

From planning to management, hotel and flight bookings, the package plan, supplier negotiation and handling the expenditure, our team provide a complete customized package to you.

Natures cradle arranges the workshops and team building activities for the employees according to your needs.